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Rogue Ascent VR is a Procedurally-Generated Sci-Fi Shooter controlled seamlessly by Oculus hand-tracking technology. Discover and combine countless weapons types, attachment modifications, abilities, gadgets, perks, and powerups as you blast and beguile past teams of formidable foes. The completed gameplay experience will features many added items, secrets, perks, abilities, enemy types, game modes, bosses, biomes, achievements, and competitive online leaderboards for you to challenge your friends (or rivals!).

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Join the Discord: https://discord.gg/TG8FJ8vtWe
Visit our Website: http://rogueascent.com
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This page is only for Closed Beta Backers now!

If you are not a closed beta backer, please purchase the game via App Labs: https://www.clique.games/applabsra


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Just wondering if we will be seeing a key for this if we bought this off Itch? As I see it just released on App Lab.


We are working on that all day today! We haven't officially announced the App Labs launch yet (keeping that hush hush for a week.) This page will be where Closed Beta Backers will continue to receive beta builds moving forward. 

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Your game isn't showing up in https://itch.io/games/input-oculus-quest/tag-roguelike

That was the page that showed up in Duckduckgo search for Oculus Quest Roguelike games. Roguelike games Quest search on DuckDuckGo

Edit: Figured out why. You didn't add Oculus Quest input support. You only added the `Oculus Quest` tag and not the `Oculus Quest` input method.

You might want to add that if you want Search Engine result page of Itch.io to show your game. I don't know how you'd go about adding the input method though.

You should also add FPS tag. I usually search for FPS games using the FPS tag on itch.io & your game wouldn't show up on that too.

You might also want to add Android as a target platform, but not everyone does that & many cause confusion with the FlatScreen Android gamers, but it'll tell Quest users that this game has a native Quest .apk and not (just) a Oculus Link .exe.


> add the Oculus Quest Input method if you want your game to show up in Google, DDG searches for Oculus Quest Roguelike games

> add the FPS tag for people looking for Quest FPSs

> Might want to add the Android tag to make it known that this has a native Quest .apk

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